NLP Software Engineer

June 7, 2023

Job Description

// About

Basically, is what you see ATM 🙂 It’s an A to Z solution for searching and matching such great talent like you to the best jobs in the company, helping them with screening, interviews, etc.

  • Our clients are as big and cool as the United Nations (yeah, that one) and growing.
  • We've got an NLP chatbot, ML Matching etc.
  • We believe in agile, practice SCRUM, follow SOLID principles and love innovations.
  • We don't hire juniors, so we are quite smart and quite efficient 🙂

Now we expanding to new markets and languages. Become a part of innovation with our family.

// Position Description

As an NLP Software Engineer, you will be working on dialogue modelling for a chatbot, entity extraction and recognition, training and modelling our proprietary neural network and so on. Do experiments with new Large Language Models (LLM) – OpenAI GPT-3/4, FLAN/T5 and etc.

This position is fully remote, so you can work from anywhere.


  • Write code. SOLID practices, all sorts of tests, and pair reviews.
  • Talk to people. We're quite flat, so depends on the service and feature you will be working with product analysts, customer success, designers, and obviously other developers.
  • Participate in SCRUM. Especially retros.

// Requirements

  • BS in CS or equivalent
  • English
  • Python
  • NLP/dialogue modelling experience
  • Traditional NLP: BoW models, word embeddings, and Python NLP toolkits such as spacy, NLTK, Hugging Face
  • Machine learning tools: Jupyter, Pandas, Scikit-Learn, Tensorflow

Plus but not a blocker will be:

  • experience with reinforcement learning
  • Conversational AI: Chatbot development using Rasa or other solutions
  • developing AI prompts using large language models (LLM)
  • Deep learning-based NLP models: BERT, OpenAI GPT-2/3, FLAN/T5, and other transformers, Generative AI.

30 hours a week availability

// Compensation & Perks

  • Competitive salary rate according to your level of experience (this vacancy is senior level).
  • Fixed in local currency, USD or GBP
  • Share options and bonuses available as you fit KPIs and stay with us for more than 1 year.
  • You manage your time, it's not required to be available all day.
  • Learning courses/conferences sponsorship.
  • You can work less than 40 hours a week.

Opportunities to grow

You discuss your individual growth plan with a CTO and put some KPIs on it.

Depending on your willingness, you can improve yourself:

Horizontal growth:

  • Any optional technologies mentioned above;
  • English;
  • Chatbots;
  • Security;
  • Machine Learning, NLP, python;
  • Data Analysis;
  • Product Analysis;
  • Customer Facing Activities;

Vertical growth:

  • Architecture
  • Ability to become Lead Developer after some time and take responsibility for 1 or more microservices
  • Product owner of 1 or more services